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Round Up: Attendance, Convention Center, and New Blogs

Just as you get paranoid about your follower count, or your friends list, so do college football fans get paranoid about attendance. Read the latest on GMG but in particular read this. He makes a good point regarding averages vs median. Take a stats class, everyone. Also I add my two cents about capacity. Other…

PSA: Write For MGN

Post-Spring Game is a nice time to capitalize on the excitement and let you know that if you have hot sports opinions — or hot North Texas non-sports-related opinions — you have an outlet here at MGN. I began this blog as an offshoot of my old Blogger site when I felt there wasn’t enough…

Updates To Site

I found some time to make some improvements to the site here and there. Not least of which was re-vamping the “forum.” I’ve jokingly posted a version of a message board a few times. I took them down after they got spammed to death. Recently, I integrated Buddy Press to allow some conversation beyond comments,…

Team Up! Mean Green Breakdown Joins MGN

Well, technically it is a merger of sorts. The crux of it is that you can find the fine sports breakdowns of Greg Goedecker on from now (until we hate each other, I suppose). To see all the great stuff he’s done breaking down football these last couple years you can check the archive…

Happy Thanksgiving

Mean Green Nation, Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. Have a good one. Enjoy your time with family and friends and we’ll see you on Saturday! Beat Tulsa!

UNT Anthem: Video

I can’t say this is awesome in a quality-of-lyrics sense. I will say that I support anything pro-UNT. Decide for yourselves.

Become Part of Mean Green Nation

A few of you have reached out to me about writing for the site. Some of you have already written some good stuff. The process usually involves trading emails and log-in information. I want to make it easier for some great UNT writing to get to the internet. While the most die-hard and some of…

GMG Podcast With RV

In my short time on the internet blogging and whatnot, I’ve seen lots of different reactions to fan-made “content”. Some organizations shun the very idea, some embrace it. Athletic Director Rick Villareal is in the latter category. He joined the guys from — the most popular UNT-related message board in the game — for a little chat about a lot of things.

Some highlights include the fate of Fouts reliefs, discussion of the as-yet-non-existant baseball team, getting to six home games a year, home dates, throwback uniforms and more.

Good stuff by those guys.

On a related note, we’ll be re-starting up the MGN podcast as the season nears. Stay tuned.

[Link to GMG podcast]

Tony Mitchell to Detroit at 37

We all knew Tony would fall from the lottery based on his sophomore season. It seems his biggest flaw – that he didn’t play as hard as he could have every game – was the sin of all sins to an NBA front office. Well, interestingly, he fell to the round where not playing hard…