CUSA Basketball Power Rankings & Thoughts (Tourney Edition)

Middle Tennessee Old Dominion Western Kentucky Marshall UAB Louisiana Tech North Texas UTSA FIU Southern Miss UTEP FAU Rice Charlotte Middle Tennessee is on the bubble now as an at large team. They need to win the whole thing in Frisco to not feel nervous on Sunday. Marshall must be their kryptonite. I wonder how… Read more »

MGN Basketball Breakdown: Analyzing The Gauntlet

North Texas took care of business Saturday night vs. Rice with a thrilling 74-70 victory. It wasn’t pretty, but after last season a W is a W, and the goal of this team is to keep racking up as many W’s as possible. Now North Texas moves into the toughest part of its conference schedule…. Read more »

CUSA Bowl Season: MTSU

Of the CUSA bowl season participants, the two teams NT fans might have been rooting against were UTSA and MTSU. As it happens Kris Kringle granted these wishes and both lost. Depending on how Tuesday goes (11 point dogs!) the league will either go 5-2 or 4-3 this December. So it goes. ESPN HIGHLIGHTS Middle… Read more »

2016 CUSA Bowl Schedule

CUSA is sending seven teams to the bowl season. Advanced numbers suggest CUSA is only above the Sun Belt among the FBS conferences, which sent six teams to the post-season. Given there are 80 bowl slots, a post season berth does not mean what it did back in 1980. That is OK. Updated conference averages… Read more »

A Note Before the Game: MTSU Edition

Guys. It’s a big game today. You might call it an opportunity game. While the program is certainly not near the point of upsettting a P5 right now, toppling a CUSA favorite might be in the cards. Middle Tennessee are (now) 17 point favorites for good reason. Rick Stockstill has had this program in contention… Read more »

CUSA Week 1 Recap

I sat down to write up a little CUSA recap but Alex Nicholas at Miner Rush did it already. So I will just mention that I voted WKU 1st, So Miss 2nd, and MTSU 3rd in the poll they run. WKU looks like a complete team although they were only going against Rice. Louisiana Tech… Read more »

MTSU Letter to AAC: Please Take Us

DNJ “I know conference realignment is a topic that we all hoped would be set aside for a few years,” Massaro wrote. “But with the Big 12 rumblings of expansion, it appears the dominoes may fall soon. “I will be to the point. If you look at C-USA schools as replacements for American schools who… Read more »