Reporters Pick NT to Win Division

One of the better things about North Texas Football’s rise to decent the last two seasons has been the freedom from expectation. Aside from Head Coach Seth Littrell declaring NT was going bowling in his first year, no one really expected much (this blog was bullish, however). With wins come expectations, however, and now the… Read more »

Summer Is Fun, But it is Time For Blogging

We are back. MGN is back from internet vacation. While I am still enthralled by this year’s unexpectedly exciting World Cup, my attention is returned to our favorite little college programs. The football team has been praised over the offseason and rightly so. There are still some worries but there is enough time — over… Read more »

Football Broadcast Schedule Released

Conference USA announced a deal with ESPN that completes the mystery of the other games on the schedule. We knew CBS Sports/Facebook/Stadium were going to be the primary partners but we did not know how or if the rest of the league’s inventory was going to be divvied. The schedule for NT is short on the… Read more »


It has been a relatively news-free summer for the football program and all things considered, that is a good thing. Coaches are famously drama-averse and the lack of off-field issues will make preparing for the new season much easier. Of course, the paranoid among us will be concerned that maybe things are going too smoothly…. Read more »

Link: New Turf At Apogee

Link The average artificial field surface is replaced every six to eight years, and the 2017 season was the seventh for Apogee’s original turf. The athletic department’s commitment to player safety coupled with the condition of the existing turf has led North Texas athletics to make this change ahead of the 2018 season. The post… Read more »

New Basketball Facilities Require Renovation While Being Built

From the DRC: UNT’s new basketball offices, as they were originally constructed, pale in comparison to the area the programs vacated inside the Coliseum. Those offices more closely mirror the standard in college basketball. That is … not good. Chalk this up to the previous regime, which apparently did not consult at least one end… Read more »

Basketball Recruiting Update -4/13

In the past couple of days North Texas Mens Basketball program has gone from 1 open scholarship to 4! Shane Temara graduated. A.J. Lawson, Allante Holston, and Khalil Fuller all decided to transfer out. So that leaves the question who is coming in? Well North Texas has yet to receive a commitment for their 2018… Read more »