133: Cancellation

Adam and Aldo discuss the cancellation of the Houston game due to COVID-19. We are also in the iTunes Store. You can contact the podcast at Important Links: Twitter – Adam

North Texas vs Houston Cancelled Due To Covid-19

Four North Texas players reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 and the game this weekend against Houston will be cancelled. No doubt Dana Holgorsen will want to “chirp” about this game as well. He already irked the Baylor athletic director Mack Rhoades with his comments. North Texas announced the cancellation today. The program reportedly had two…

132: Destroyed by SMU

Adam discusses the loss at length We are also in the ITUNES STORE. You can contact the podcast at Important Links: Twitter – ADAM

Destroyed: SMU 65 NT 35

North Texas came into this game limited. Tyreke Davis and KD Davis (no relation) were late scratches because of “medical reasons” . Whatever the game plan was for Shane Buechele and the Mustangs, it would have to be adjusted for both the ability and knowlege of the replacements Kevin Wood and Gabriel Murphy. NT ultimately…

North Texas vs SMU Preview 2020

How many of you call this the Safeway Bowl? I was an undergrad at North Texas in 2006 when NT beat SMU and was there in that moment. No one really used the “Safeway Bowl” moniker until the last couple of years. In 2007 the stands were not filled too much. The next time when…

131: SMU Preview

Adam is joined by Aldo to preview the SMU showdown this weekend We are also in the iTunes store. You can contact the podcast at Important Links: Twitter – Adam

130: First Game Of The Pandemic Season

Adam discusses Jason Bean’s debut as the starting quarterback against HBU, in the 2020 season We are also in the iTunes store. You can contact the podcast at Important Links: Twitter – Adam Download

Jason Bean Leads North Texas to Win Over Houston Baptist 57-31

Jason Bean was the last minute choice to start the pandemic season opener and did about all he could to win the job permanently. In split action with co-starter (according to the depth chart) Austin Aune, he put up a nice line: 11 of 18 for 217 yards and 3 touchdown passes against one interception.…

North Texas Begins The Pandemic Season With Questions: 2020 MGN Season Preview

Nothing about this season is normal. I cannot tell you with confidence that this season will end on the scheduled date. At every level of education, there are varying levels of process for reopening. Some are more cautious than others. At the big time college level we have cancellations and postponements and also some powering…

Happy Independence Day

America’s great super power is storytelling. We tell ourselves some great myths which allows us to accomplish great things. Many an observer of the nation throughout history has noted this peculiarly of our nation. We really are a headstrong teenager, thinking we are invincible with limitless potential. Like any good myth, however, there were half-truths…