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North Texas at Arkansas Preview

This is a big game. These money games are usually perfunctory for Mean Green fans. While there may be some hope at the start, the goals usually are to remain healthy and come out looking impressive to friends. The coaches usually say the right things, but privately dislike the depressing odds. Every once in a… Read more »

2017: UTEP Preview

This week is all about taking care of business. The usual preview tidbits are less useful today because the stakes are simple: win and clinch the division. Lose and throw away a season of good will and damage next year’s prospects. UTEP is good enough to make this a game, and North Texas is still… Read more »

2017: FAU Preview

North Texas is the best team in CUSA right now. We can write that confidently knowing that CUSA is a flawed league with some really good talent, coaches, and teams mixed in with the worst of the worst. The very best — NT — are but a season removed from sub .500 seasons and so… Read more »

2017: Southern Miss Preview

Ladies and gentleman, our favorite little college football team travels to Mississippi this weekend for a very large and important conference game. Among the slate of CUSA offerings it is the best matchup by some margin. Southern Miss has long returned out of the nadir that was the 2012-2014 seasons where they went a combined… Read more »

2017 Season: UAB Week

Let us be clear about how much we do not know about UAB: they could come into Denton and do damage. North Texas is favored by ~10 depending on the time you choose to place your bet and with whom. Four of the five advanced numbers have NT above UAB but they all have NT… Read more »