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North Texas at California Preview

BERKELEY, Ca. — The Mean Green had a bad week down the road on the Hilltop. SMU came out hot and dominated the first quarter. There has been much self-reflection by everyone. Read this gem from the head man: There were definitely some positives that we’ve got to continue to build on. But there was… Read more »

2019 Season Preview E-Book

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the 2019 MGN season preview. Purchase on Smashwords Become a member of MGN and get it free (via coupon).

Seth Littrell Just Needs To Win

Forget the hot takes. Like most things, winning is the answer. Doing the little things in practice, recruiting, developing, and building relationships is how you win. This has all been documented and proven over and again. There is a bit of luck involved, and sometimes some coaches get more luck than others and people rate… Read more »

It is Report Day

Things are good. As my wife and better half said today “Anything is possible, it is such a great feeling”. So it is.

QB Responsibility In The Littrell Offense

The best thing about the new offense is the underlying philosophy of spreading the wealth. While most people tend to think of that as designed plays for “other” guys, what it really means is that everyone is expected to be open and to contribute by executing the offense. There is an underlying element of trust… Read more »

Morris Is The Best Option For One Reason

Alec Morris is the best option at QB – right now – because he has showed he is a better quarterback than the rest of the roster 1. That reason is the most important. Any other possibilities, up to and including relationships with parents, former coaches, impressing the DFW high school coaching cabal, or anything… Read more »

2016 Spring Game

I promised a podcast. That kind of fell through because of a scheduling snafu. So I owe you some Spring Game thoughts. When there is a long gap between News Events, the last News Event gets over-analyzed and relatively minor or unimportant things become Big Important Story Lines. In our case, we have Quinn Shanbour,… Read more »

Coach ‘Em Up

This is all kinds of wonderful. While I suspect that some fans get a kick out of coaches reprimanding their players out of some misbegotten vicarious living of a power trip, I appreciate a guy who knows what he is doing and trying his best to 1. impart that knowledge to other people, and 2…. Read more »