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MGN Weekender: Golf, Family, Holidays

There is golf on my television. I was firmly in the “golf sucks” camp until about three or four years ago. A couple of things have happened to me since: I realize I am getting older and I appreciate a good lawn. After a cold winter, seeing some green grass in Georgia sure does capture the soul. Throw in a little Tiger Woods and I am unashamed to say I watch a little Masters tournament. Am I geeking out on the other majors or godforbid — the lesser tournaments? No. Not yet, at least. My circle of friends are not really into golf, but I told them that the time is coming when we will not be able to hoop or play soccer or any of the other things we do now. I figure golf is a good ramp down while still staying active. Sure, a bunch of people just like to drive around in the carts and drink — I am not a guy that is anti-drinking — but I also want to compete. One of these days I will transition to full-on Golf Guy. That time has not yet come, however.

Meanwhile, it is Easter Weekend. Today is Good Friday. Also there are other holidays the details of which I am not completely familiar. A good holiday weekend to all those who celebrate. If you are secular — like an increasing share of the populace — well I suppose you get to just enjoy a longish weekend. There are a lot of people who are taking time off and maybe that means your office gig is a little quieter and more chill. Congratulations.

While ABC showed the Ten Commandments on April 1st, I will be watching it with the kids on blue-ray. We watched it as a family when I was a kid, and to this day I enjoy the over-the-top acting. Yul Brynner’s ridiculously hilarious delivery of some lines “You will be mine. Like my dog, or my horse or my falcon. Only I will love you more. And trust you less.”

My eldest kid was scared of the death and plagues — understandably — but she also is a little squeamish at all that kind of stuff. We saw Shazam and she freaks out at the monsters. The middle kid is unfazed. In fact, we watched the classic Clash of the Titans the other day and she went around pretending to be Medusa. Good times.

Anyway, while it is always fun to be obsessive about college sports and the like, it is important to ground yourself in family, community, and the good stuff in life. Enjoy your weekend. MGN will be taking a small break. The podcast will not record on Sunday, but we might find some time on Saturday. Just a heads-up.

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