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On Season Tickets

Out here in the great midwest (seriously, the weather is great) I was looking at the North Texas season ticket options for next season. Since about 2011, I have lived outside of the DFW area, and so season tickets never have seemed like a very smart option for me. (I had hoops season tickets in 2010)

However, I was thinking about it and was slightly convinced at the “just buy them, and then sell the ones you don’t use!” idea. Having been a season ticket holder of one thing or another for about ten years, I can tell you that is easier said than done, but I was thinking about “premium” experiences and how those are usually the kind that retain value the longest. This is true in many areas.

Personally, I do not mind the elements and am happy to sit in the cheap seats, drinking overpriced beer and yelling. In my experience the club tier has a few too many folks interested in networking than anything involving the game, and also it is a little too removed from the proceedings for me to feel connected. That said, my wife does not necessarily feel this way and folks let me tell you it pays to pay attention to one’s partner when it comes to making decisions.

I was looking at the HUB Club and the various tiers but now I have to ask around to see what the secondary market is for these. I have some disposable income, but not “fly to Denton every other Saturday” levels. Having also known at least one guy that was trying to offload his season tickets at every opportunity during the struggle-fests in recent years, I am a little reluctant to pay $14K+ 1 for a game or two. I mean, for that I can just save for the bowl trip and live it up there.

Outside of that, the ‘regular’ section 100 seats are fine. For about $1000 or so you can a pair of great seats and enjoy the perks available, not least of which is a sense of smug superiority. As an American, I can tell you this is what the American Dream is really about.

My guesstimate is that I will end up with some Silver level tickets or something or maybe section 105 (if I can get them).

  1. last year’s prices + what I think will be an AAC ‘premium’

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