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Link: CUSA Power Rankings Week 2

Yours Truly voted in the CUSA Report power rankings. Now that Miner Rush is a just reposting press releases from the UTEP website and not being a good and true blog any longer, this is where MGN will be submitting votes from now on. Also, we share publishers ;). 2018 Power Ranking Week 2

CR: CUSA Media Rights Deal, Higher Fees

CUSA Report The “significantly more revenue” is double the last deal. That alone makes this a better situation. Beyond that there is still the possibility that old partner ESPN gets involved in the deal. Over on CUSA Report, where more league coverage will be (including power rankings etc), I wrote a post breaking down the… Read more »

Top of the G5

David Ubben of the The Athletic touched on the G5 conundrum— what to do when your best is not enough? This has been related to the complaint of the North Texas fan: what kind of reward should we expect from a 9-4 season? Many NT fans have been disappointed with the New Orleans Bowl opponent… Read more »

CUSA Bowl Season 2017

North Texas is not the only team bowling from CUSA. NT was one of 10 league squads that reached bowl eligibility this season. Unlike 2016, when a 5-win North Texas team went to the Heart of Dallas bowl because there were not enough bowl teams available, this year there were too many. There was some… Read more »

Wake Up Week 8

FLetcher Keel tries to make sense of the WKU loss at home. Dave West analyzed the UAB win over USM. The Rice Board is thinking about ending it all. La Tech fans are not too excited about their team right now The Pilot’s Ed Miller discusses the Monarch’s thoughts on the NT game John Whisler… Read more »

2017 CUSA Power Rankings Week 7

USA had a moment this week. North Texas and UTSA provided the kind of drama that could be clipped and posted all over the place and it was. CUSA helpfully shrank the video for ease of sharing and all enjoyed the Fine Moment. North Texas have made their way to the top of this week’s… Read more »