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2019 Season Preview E-Book

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the 2019 MGN season preview. Purchase on Smashwords Become a member of MGN and get it free (via coupon).

2018 Season Preview 40% Off

Hey y’all. We are about enjoy week three of the season and there is precious little need for a preview but there is still good value for reading about your Mean Green.

So buy the book and read about your favorite little college football squad.

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2018 MGN Season Preview

The e-book is live, it has (mostly) been reviewed and edited and it is now ready for your enjoyment. You can find it at Smashwords. How To Read It I use iBooks (now Apple Books?) to read my eBooks but you when you download from Smashwords you can put it on whatever device you prefer.…

2017 Season Preview: Offense

The essence of the Air Raid, and even this version of it, is ball-control. Instead of putting the fate of the offense in one running back, or one deep-post route, this offense makes the opposition defend horizontally and vertically. At best you get something like the best Oklahoma, Texas Tech teams of the last two…

2017 Season Preview: Schedule and Prediction

Predicting the schedule so far out is a fools’ game but we are silly fools who love this game and so here we go: 9/2 v Lamar Lamar has had a rough go of things, Beaumont being in the path of Hurricane Harvey. There was a question of whether this game would go on, but…

2017 Season Preview: Coaching

Seth Littrell did such a swell job that he earned a raise. Littrell and company did not lose as many games as they should have and that was good. Some of it was the conference, and some was luck, but the rest is rightly attributed to the staff. So they are deserving of their raise…

2016 Season Preview Addendum: Late 2016 Additions

The roster situation has forced Seth Littrell and staff to make late additions to the team, here’s an update to the season preview. Learn a little bit more about guys who have made progress in fall camp and about others who are making an appearance in headlines recently. Eric Jenkins – A great addition – and…