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Deciphering the North Texas QB Situation

It’s amazing how a team like Ohio St can find 3 elite QBs and North Texas can’t even find an average one. It’s even more amazing that they couldn’t find one in a talent rich state like Texas. Texas high school football has become a great location for teams all around the country to find… Read more »

Handicapping the 2015 QB Race

It is way to early to know with any certainty who will be the starting quarterback for next year. This year is a good example of the fact that the starter on opening day isn’t necessarily the guy who will take the most snaps. Josh Greer started the first three games and was never heard… Read more »

Welcome to 2012: Rice 41 North Texas 21

Ladies and gentleman we are at that point where we have fans sniping at each other. We have defenders of the defense complaining about the offense. We have people partial to the offense complaining about the 88-yard touchdowns, and missed tackles. We have people calling for last year’s quarterback. We have people calling for scholarships,… Read more »

Perspective Time: Southern Miss 30 North Texas 20

Instead of doing important things with deadlines attached to them I am writing about college football. You are reading my writings about college football. That says something about you and me. It means that we care about this thing. We care enough to think about it when there is no “reasonable” excuse to be doing… Read more »


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