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2015 Mean Green Nation QB Tracker (20150819 Update)

Introducing our very own QB Tracker. North Texas has so many options at QB to keep track of so why not put them all on a tracker. We will be updating the tracker as updates roll in, spring practice continues, and all the way through fall camp until a starter is named. Right now house money is on Andrew McNulty who ended the season as a starter. It’s still to early to call the race though. McNulty has plenty of competition and the other guys have more talent than him. It will be fun to watch this competition unfold.

Mean Green QB Tracker 3


20150819 Update:

  • We’ve come a long way since the beginning of spring ball. NT lost the freshman sensation Dajon Williams over the summer. Dajon just never fit the program. It came as a shock and disappointment for a lot of fans, because Dajon had a really good spring.
  • Josh Greer has been solid in practice. He was solid last year in practice. His problems come when the game starts. Also he doesn’t fit the new style of offense North Texas will be running.
  • Connor Means has been very inconsistent. He still has plenty of time to grow as RS FR, but he didn’t make the jump a lot of Mean Green fans were hoping for.
  • Chumley is a raw athlete playing QB. I know everyone is quick to move him to TE, but I’m willing to give him time to develop. I think he could still be a QB in the new offense. He is more athletic and a better runner than Means. He could develop into a true dual threat QB.
  • The new fan favorite DaMarcus Smith missed spring ball and hasn’t quite grasped the offense yet during fall practices. He is still splitting time with Means as the number 3 QB. Time is dwindling for him to grab the starting QB role. Most insiders dont believe he can make up the ground. There was a report out there that DaMarcus couldn’t read a defense or throw into tight windows. That is false. It may have been true at Western Kentucky, but Smith has grown as a player. Here are the facts:
    • Smith has the best arm on the team and its not even close
    • Smith is the most athletic QB on the team
    • Smith is the best QB on the roster when it comes to making plays outside the pocket
    • Smith’s Completion Percentage last year in the JUCO ranks would’ve landed him in the top 5 amongst CUSA QB’s
  • Smith is beginning to sound like Dajon. He is the most talented QB on this team, but he hasn’t earned the respect of his teammates or coaches yet. If Smith can learn the offense
  • Everyone loves to hate on Andrew McNulty, but the SR has done nothing this fall to deserve that. He has been extremely efficient and effective in practices. He has a firm grasp of the offense and understands what the coaches want. He has been the most consistent QB this fall camp. He hasn’t been flashy either. Barring a collapse or injury McNulty is going to be the starter vs. SMU. I also believe he will have a longer leash than most people believe. This coaching staff doesn’t want a repeat of last year. They want to role with 1 QB for the entire season. They believe McNulty has earned the right to be the starter.

20150427 Update:

Closing the door on spring practices.

  • McNulty is in the driver seat going into the fall. McNulty raised his level of play and nobody really ever challenged him in spring ball.
  • DeMarcus Smith is really the only competitor who has a chance of unseating McNulty. A lot of MGN fans are putting a lot of prayers into helping D. Smith win the battle in the fall.
  • Josh Greer must be a helluva practice QB, because he continues to show why he cant be a starter in game situations.
  • Connor Means has a certain aura about him that draws Mean Green Nation fans to believe he can be special. Still it has to be a little unsettling that he couldnt close the gap on McNulty.
  • MGN’s favorite QB had a really good spring game. Dajon continues to show improvement. He should be listed as the backup once fall camp starts. He’s proved it on the field.
  • Nate Grimm and Sam Wells moved positions knocking the list down 8.

20150401 Update:

6 practices in and this QB race is starting to heat up.

  • McNulty has increased his lead on the pack. He hasn’t been great in practice, but he has been steady.
  • MGN’s favorite QB Dajon Williams has improved quite a bit over the winter. Again shows the most talent. The difference with Dajon seems to be a better work ethic.
  • Dark horse Quinn Shanbour has settled into a player coach role.
  • Josh Greer has made a few strides, but still looks skittish.
  • Connor Means has his moments, but he still needs to continue to refine his skills on pocket awareness. Probably the guy Coaches want to see the most improvement out of.
  • Caleb Chumley has been extremely raw. Redshirt year coming and probably a position change. Also has me wondering if we can bring in Tim Tebow’s throwing coach to help him on his mechanics.


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  1. THOR THOR April 1, 2015

    that is nuts that there are so many qbs on this roster…

  2. MGN MGN April 1, 2015

    It’s simultaneously good (because we had such a poor QB year) and bad (because we need this after such a poor year).

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