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The Sensational Dajon Williams No Longer With Team

No longer part of the program” is how HC Danny Mac put it. It’s something we half-expected after the way he was benched to start last season, despite being the most talented quarterback on a team that was desperate for anyone to be decent. Instead of being dismissed to the coach’s dog house permanently,  Dajon Williams benefited from completely awful quarterback play from Josh Greer and Andy McNulty and used his chance to show out against inferior competition, displaying arm strength and play-making ability that was sorely lacked against Texas and Louisiana Tech. He then was yanked after a turnover-filled couple of weeks against Indiana and UAB.

The behind-the-scenes stories hint at a guy that was regarded as the most talented quarterback but the least-hard working. He had off-the-field issues — like having a kid to take care of — but his talent afforded him enough slack to earn a second chance after blowing a golden one his freshman year, before which he was hailed by Dan McCarney as a truly special talent. During the brief run of Dajon-mania last season, he was said to have turned it all around spending time working on his quarterback craft and making progress.

It wasn’t enough, apparently. No one knows exactly what Dajon did or did not do in the interim, but it wasn’t or was enough to earn him the boot — or enough to make him want to quit. The exact reason for leaving is unclear but it isn’t a surprise.


We’ll always have that week vs Nicholls, when everything seemed to be looking up.


Good luck DW.

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