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Deciphering the North Texas QB Situation

It’s amazing how a team like Ohio St can find 3 elite QBs and North Texas can’t even find an average one. It’s even more amazing that they couldn’t find one in a talent rich state like Texas. Texas high school football has become a great location for teams all around the country to find their starting QB. So why can’t North Texas do it? That’s a tough question to answer without truly knowing what Coach McCarney and Canales are looking for. Are they looking for a spread one read QB? Well if they are then they should have no problem finding a successful one in Texas. Or could be that they are looking for a pro style pocket passer. That would make things a little bit harder. Texas high school football is all about the spread offense now. Plus you’re never really ever going to be able to find a pro style pocket passer to step in from day one. If you’re UNT then you need to develop a pocket passer QB. Those great high school pro style QBs aren’t going to chose UNT on national signing day. Sorry it’s a fact and won’t happen. My guess is that UNT wants a combo of both. They want a guy who is not a statue and can move, but can also thrive in a multiple read offense as a passer. So do they have that guy on campus or committed as a recruit?

Well let’s look at the many options that UNT has at QB going into spring ball. I’ve got 3 categories of QBs. First you have the athletes. Those are the guys who are going to beat you with their legs and athleticism more than their arms. Secondly you have the pocket passers. These are the traditional drop back guys. Finally you have the dual threats. These guys can beat you throwing and running. Most times you see on recruiting sites that a kid is either a dual threat or pro style. A lot of times the guys they rank as dual threats are more athletes than guys who can beat you passing. When I think of dual threat I’m thinking of both running and passing. I just think the term dual threat gets thrown around way to loosely these days.



Andrew McNulty 6’1 209

Style- Dual Threat

Biggest Strengths- Knowledge of playbook, Leadership, Experience

Biggest Weakness- Arm Strength, Very Limited Talent

Chance of Being Game 1 Starter – 35%

Notes: McNulty is the bus driver as so many have referred to him as. The only way he ends up starting is if DaMarcus Smith is a bust. I think McNulty is the fall back option. Coach Mac would feel comfortable with him as the starter if no one else steps up.


DaMarcus Smith 6’2 215

Style- Dual Threat

Biggest Strength- Vision, Play Maker, Arm Strength

Biggest Weakness- FBS Experience

Chance of Being Game 1 Starter – 45%

Notes: He has been around to a few schools and finally made a home at Butler CC. He was very successful there and has all the tools to be a really good CUSA starting QB. If he has a successful transition to the FBS level it could mean a bowl game for UNT. This guy has me the most excited out of all the QBs


Connor Means 6-4 210 RS FR

Style- Dual Threat

Biggest Strength- Gamer, Anticipation

Biggest Weakness- Mechanics, Experience

Chance of Being Game 1 Starter – 15%

Notes: Connor wowed the crowds at last year’s spring game with his poise and moxy. He redshirted and well we don’t how much he has developed. The word coming from the program was that UNT really liked him a lot and he was the QB of the future. His development could be the biggest wild card this spring.



Josh Greer 6’5 220 JR

Style- Pro Style

Biggest Strength- Arm Strength

Biggest Weakness- Accuracy, Mechanics, Pocket Awareness

Chance of Being Game 1 Starter – 0%

Notes: Greer was supposed to be the answer to our QB problem last year, but he got shell shocked early and never recovered. I feel bad saying this, but he doesn’t have a chance at seeing the field next year. That is unless he develops tremendously this offseason.


Dajon Williams 6-3 209 RS SO

Style- Dual Threat

Biggest Strength- Legs, Athleticism

Biggest Weakness- Maturity, Knowledge of Playbook, Turnovers

Chance of Being Game 1 Starter – 5%

Notes: Dajon was everybody’s favorite player for about 2 games last year and then it all came crumbling down. He just couldn’t protect the ball and that’s a no no in the McCarney system. Granted it’s a no no in anybody’s offense, but his were just egregious. It will be really interesting to see if he has a grown as a player this spring. He has all the tools to be successful he just needs the work ethic. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Dajon has checked out of the programs as some have hinted at.


Caleb Chumley 6-6 235 FR

Style- Athlete

Biggest Strength- Strength, Legs, Athleticism

Biggest Weakness- Mechanics, Pocket Awareness

Chance of Being Game 1 Starter – 0%

Notes: Chumley was offered the chance to play QB, and thats why he liked committed to UNT. His skill set is very raw, but his athleticism is too good to keep off the field. If he wants to play right away he should accept the move to TE or another offensive position.


Nate Grimm 6’4 190 FR

Style- Dual Threat

Biggest Strength- Quick Release

Biggest Weakness- Arm Strength, Experience

Chance of Being Game 1 Starter – 0%



Non Factors:

Sam Wells 6’0 205 FR

Josh Cousins 6’1 215 SO



The best case scenario is that DaMarcus Smith comes in and locks down the QB job in spring ball. He is the best play maker in and out of the pocket. He has the best skill set and talent of all the QB options.  It would give Smith an entire summer to work with his WRs. It would give this team a mental boost going into fall not having to worry about another QB competition. It would give Connor Means another year to develop and learn. If Smith wins the job in the spring it would mean that UNT would have a fairly good shot at making a bowl game.

If Smith doesn’t win the job in spring or the fall then UNT would go to its fall back option of McNulty. McNulty is capable of leading this team. With McNulty at QB then UNT would need a ton more help from the skill positions and OL. UNT has guys with play making ability to do that for McNulty, but the problem is they’ve yet to really step up.

Of course the wild card Connor Means could come out of no where and take the job. If you’re a UNT fan then the most hopeful situation is for DaMarcus Smith or Connor Means to be the staring QB. The scariest situation is that the QB battle rages on into fall camp before declaring McNulty as the starter one week before the opening game.



Many or some of you are wondering why Kevin Dillamn wasn’t listed as an option. Well the simple answer is because UNT is not going to devote enough time to develop him at the QB position. They are sold on him being a TE. Nothing wrong with that. I dont agree with that decision though. I believe that Dillman has the biggest upside of all the QBs on campus.

There are those that will tell you that well he was moved to TE at Denton Guyer because HC John Walsh didnt think he could play QB at the next level. They will go on to tell you Coach Walsh’s resume of all the college QBs he has coached recently and that he would know best. Yes, Coach Walsh may know, but when it comes to QBs its not an exact science on predicting their development. Coach Walsh had a kid already at QB that Dillman wasnt going to beat out in one year. He most likely moved Dillman to TE so he could get recruited. Not many backup QBs get a look. Coach Walsh saw the athleticism and wanted him on the field. I have no problem with that.

A couple of things lead me to believe that Dillman could be a great QB at UNT given the proper development.

  1. Prior to his move to Denton he was listed as the 11th ranked dual threat quarterback in 2015. He has since dropped off that list with his move to TE.

  2. The offer list. He was being offered at QB by some of the biggest schools in the country: Nebraska, Arizona, Tennessee, Cal, Clemson, Arkansas, etc.

  3. 247 JC Shurburtt. Shurburtt is a recruiting analyst for 247. Its fair to say he has studied as many or more college QB prospects than Coach Walsh. He called Dillman the most talented QB Nebraska was going to have from a physical gift stand point. Those are strong words. He also compared Dillman to Tim Tebow.


  1. The film. Film dont lie. Dillman shows all the tools and talents to be a successful FBS level QB. Good accuracy, great footwork, poise in the pocket, quick compact release. You tell me is this the type of guy that UNT should deny a shot at QB?

In a best case scenario world Dillman could come in and red shirt and learn the QB position. He would be given time to develop those skills. However, we don’t live in a best case world. UNT is in need of athletes on the field. Dillman is an athlete, so UNT is going to find a way to get him on the field as soon as possible. Its a shame because I believe that Dillman could have developed into one of the best QBs UNT has ever had.

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