Vito: Remington Lutz Decommits


UNT wide receivers coach Joel Filani discussed the move with Lutz before he made his decision to look for another school at which he can continue his career.

“They wanted me to play a position I didn’t want to play,” Lutz said. “I was doing what is best for me. I talked with coach Filani and they said they didn’t have much of a use for a tight end. They de-emphasized the position in their offense.”

There is room for an H-Back/TE type position here, but not just the blocking type. Cannon Maki got lots of time as the H-back (playing as a FB) late in the year after filling in (essentially) for Kelvin Smith but did not do much in the pass game.

My guess is that the staff saw a guy that would be a project catching the ball and stuck behind a few other players not he depth chart if he had an average learning curve. They also recognized his skills as a blocker and his possible fit in an area of need. That is the version of the story where NT gets the benefit of the doubt.

It very well could have been simply a bait-and-switch kind of thing.

Vito: NT Loses Mike Sewell


It is recruiting season even more so than Bowl Season.

As a nice little follow up to my post yesterday about Recruiting, NT looks to have lost Mike Sewell, James Gray’s potential replacement.

From Vito’s blog:

“I haven’t talked to North Texas at all,” Sewell said Friday. “I was committed before the season began. We lost communication. They said they were going to take me. I thought my slot was established. It’s fine. Everything happens for a reason.”

The bad news: We pulled his offer?

The good news: We do not know that for sure, although given he was offered by UNM and is planning a visit to Fresno State soon that is likely the case.

He seemed enthused by Ekeler and the staff before the season but something happened. According to Sewell, what happened was nothing.