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Class of 2019 National Signing Day

In the recruiting sites era, classes are judged by the rating of signees and how effectively those players fill their team’s needs, in both the short and long-term. However, as we have seen the college game transition from I-Formation, when run-heavy offenses were the norm instead of an anomaly. Most recruiting sites began before the… Read more »

North Texas Recruiting: Ideal Profiles

Signing Day is around the corner and per a request from friend-of-the blog, here is what North Texas is looking for. This is a compilation of some of the things written on this site and in the season preview e-book. We are not in the huddle or the game-planning sessions but after three years of… Read more »

Link: If you’re going to recruit in Texas …

Sam Khan Jr,  writing for ESPN: But, still, it comes at a price. When tweets show a college coach’s interaction with a trainer or 7-on-7 coach, it validates them in the eyes of the players and raises eyebrows among high school coaches. “In the state of Texas,” Hardeman said, “that’s a problem.” It’s a reminder… Read more »

North Texas and Oklahoma Recruits

This short piece is interesting.  North Texas does have an Oklahoma University alumnus who won a national championship as the head coach, who also is the son of an Oklahoma University national champion. It certainly makes sense that he would have ties to the state and its crop of coaches. In fact, that is how… Read more »

2018 Signing Day Part 1

National Signing Day is early and no one really loves it whole-heartedly. The old February day still exists and has its own issues but all the coaches understood those issues and had a plan for working to mitigate them. This December date has teams scrambling and splitting time between bowl prep and recruiting. The North… Read more »

New 2019 Commitment

While we were reveling in the victory, Logan Holgorsen tweeted his commitment to NT today. Meanwhile, NT hosted a good number of recruits and twitter says they had a great time. If there ever was a game to bring potential Mean Green to it was this one. We mentioned on the podcast that recruits are… Read more »

2018 Recruiting Update

The job never ends, there is no offseason, there are no off days. This thing is a grind and the NT staff is out here evaluating and making offers. MGN is compiling the list of offers as we can gather and verify them. The recruiting services are still the primary source of much of the… Read more »