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Have A Drink And A Smirk: 9.7.16

Hey folks mean joe and I are here to discuss life and whatnot.

Now I understand you might be a tad upset with the loss this weekend.

Do not fret, we have a crazy man on it.

Crazy Face

If you are having trouble mean joe greene is on it


you might have had fun on the hill and in the parking lot but ol’ Wren sure would like you to let him know exactly what it was that was keeping you out of the stayjum.

I figure it was a combination of losin’ and the fact that you really dont like football all that much.

I can’t blame ya, on account of this is DFW, and outside of the cowboys no one really likes much college football y’all.

Now before you point to the cotton bowl and doak walker remember this: that was the 1930s when literally all people had to entertain themselves was dirt and college football.

Now before you point to the 80s ponies remember this: that was the 80s and everyone in dallas was on cocaine and regrets/doesn’t remember quite what was happening.

Now before you point to Alabama / USC at the Death Star Provided by ATT remember this: dallas folk like anything shiny and especially if there are famous people / tv cameras.

Futher proof: the number of ostensibly UNT fans that declared their allegience to the Texas Fightin’ Longhorns on Sunday. I swear UNT has to deal with more two-timing than Jackie Kennedy herself. But like her NT is classy. Classy NT with fancy clothes (Apogee, in this analogy).

Tailgatin’ was fun wasn’t it? I got a few text from folks who left at half to do more tailgating’ tho. It was only 24-14 y’all! I guess there ain’t nuthin’ like a good 46 yard bomb to kill off hope, ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s hope that bethune cookman don’t get no ideas of winnin’ on the field like they would if they brought their band.

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