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Soccer and Football Gameday

The soccer team takes on Texas Tech today at 7pm. Take a look at the bracket here. A win puts them through to play FSU. Texas Tech is 15-5-1 on the year. Your Mean Green is 16-4-2. Football takes on terrible South Alabama today at 4pm. It is the last home game of the year… Read more »

Star-Telegram: Jamize Olawale Worth Remembering

Featured Image via //via Olwawale (6-foot-1, 238 pounds) arrived in camp targeted to be a possible backup to starting fullback Lawrence Vickers. But the broken hand of Phillip Tanner, the projected No. 3 running back heading into camp, an opportunity for extra carries and Olawale has led the team in rushing in both… Read more »

Web Browsing: Mike Vick v Peter Warrick 1999-2000 BCS Championship Game

  Agent Johnson:  [Whooping as their helicopter buzzes along just above street level] Just like fuckin’ Saigon! Eh, Slick? Other Agent Johnson: [grins back] I was in junior high, dickhead!   //Die Hard// There I was, watching the Team USA v España gold medal game when a commercial break happened upon me. Being all popcorn-brained and whatnot because… Read more »

House Keeping Items

So, have you been listening to the podcast? The various measurement tools at my disposal suggest there is a decent number of people listening. For that you have my thanks. Any feedback is appreciated, even if it just “Dude, I hate the sound of your voice.” You can email me at the blog: or… Read more »

Board of Regents gives Lane Rawlins Permission to Move to CUSA

Via Bret Vito: The North Texas board of regents delegated authority to president Lane Rawlins to examine the school’s options in conference alignment and quickly move to a new league should the opportunity present itself Wednesday night. That is the official line. We all know that there would not have been any special teleconferences called… Read more »

Linkidge 3.26.12

We have dates and times for spring practice. If you are so inclined, you should check out Bret Vito’s blog for those. We won’t be getting too much information from this thing. Prediction: one side of the ball will not look as good as advertised, which causes panic on the message boards. I’m not knocking… Read more »

Baseball at North Texas?

image via   So it has come to my attention via the Bret Vito’s blog that we are close to getting baseball back at North Texas. That quote there got me started on a google adventure which brought up lots of mentions and wishful thinking and rumors. There were posts on various message boards and… Read more »