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Posts tagged as “Super Pit”

For Shame

Women's basketball has to play at TWU.

WKU Vanquished

Another game, another win, another Tristan Thompson scoring display. The dude is going to win the tournament’s most outstanding player award without question. He has…

The Quick Turnaround or Is ULM A Trap Game?

For all our problems, we can take comfort in the fact that we aren’t ULM. Right guys? Sitting at the bottom of the conference at…

A Win Is A Win: USA vs UNT

Full disclosure: I left at halftime. Not because I was anti-basketball nor because it wasn’t entertaining. No, I had my own sporting adventure to partake in.

So, I missed the mini-comeback that was the win vs USA. After typing that abbreviation I finally understand the Team USA inspired threads they were rocking out there.

Drubbing at the Diddle. WKU in a blowout

Not much changed from the first half. That zone killed our offense enough for WKU to turn the lead into 20 points and keep it…

The Snow Game

Tonight we will see who wins in the battle of Snow & Ice vs Cabin Fever. Denton, like fellow North Texan cities, has been jailed…

The Week before FIU: A Look Around

There really is a whole week before Johnny Jones gets his troops back on the court again. It is a good time to reflect on some things.

Blazer Crew Comes To Town; Tristan Dominates: UNT 87- UT-Arlington 83

Blazer Crew

Well the rival school from the UT system came to town, bringing their freshly blazer’d spirit group in tow.

That is them up there.

The game was a North Texas dominated affair for most of the game. It was almost the opposite of the game down in San Marcos, complete with UTA making a nice little run with four minutes to go. There are a lot of ways to interpret this one and I’ll leave the majority of that to you, dear reader: