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The Snow Game

Tonight we will see who wins in the battle of Snow & Ice vs Cabin Fever.

Denton, like fellow North Texan cities, has been jailed by the snowy, icy weather. My cousin-in-law has already succumbed to the cold and has canceled his scheduled trip to the Super Pit tonight.

It will be a little easier for me. He lives in Dallas.


So how about this game, guys? North Texas sits at 16-6 (5-4). Oh yeah and you knew that FAU is sitting atop the East division at 8-1 right?

This would be YOOGE GAME Part II, the Sequel if it weren’t for that embarrassment in Denver.

Alas, but it is instead a Game Before Panic Time.

We have yet to lose at the pit. We have four games left there. We’ve reached the last resort. We are holed up inside the coliseum with a look on our collective faces that screams, “We cannot lose this position.”

No we cannot.

In terms of morale, of which I have only speculative thoughts, how can we realistically not be feeling like we are in danger of losing this season? Isn’t shame the driving force behind the hustle late in the game? Isn’t that what drives the team to be the best? No?

Then what?

Don’t tell me it is ‘pride’. Pride is comprised of fear particles, my friend.

I have a feeling it will be intense tonight. I hope it will be intense tonight. Well, really I don’t know what I want it to feel like.

Sometimes it is good that the collective basketball IQ of the Mean Green fanbase is low. They wouldn’t know a season-breaking point and thusly will not transfer anxiety to the players. That is the Cesar Milan Basketball Team Whisperer analysis, by the way.

Is that good? Should we be Syracusian, or North Carolinian in fan support?



I think I will take my usual seat tonight. I want to be close and to read the faces of the team. I want to know if Johnny Jones looks like he wants to body-slam Kendrick Hogans when he looks lost on a set.

I want to see these things.

Also, I’m thinking the guy with his gaggle of daughter won’t be there today. Sweet. Distraction-free basketball viewing.

Let’s do this shit.

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