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WKU Vanquished

Another game, another win, another Tristan Thompson scoring display. The dude is going to win the tournament’s most outstanding player award without question. He has 80 points through three games and is going to best the tournament record 82.

Yeah. We got our shit together again.

Through the grainy feed that was espn3, I was able to make out the squad vastly outdo their last performance at the Diddle.

That loss was the fourth of the four-game losing streak. This win was the fifth of our new five-game win streak.

If you can’t tell, Im enjoying the symmetry of it all. Getting some measure of closure is healing. That losing streak was horrible. It made a bunch of people hop off the bandwagon and call for Johnny Jones’ job. All along the guys said they were still focused on winning the ‘belt and getting to the Big Show.

The circuitous and drama-filled route we took to this point surely will have seeding ramifications if we get there but that is of no consequence tonight.

We are back in the championship game. Dare I say Where We Belong?

Nah. Fuggit. It is where we belong. We we are the defending Tournament Champs. There is no shame in letting it be known. For all the kudos and back pats and NIT bids you receive for winning the regular season, the bigger prizes are won in the conference tournament. It is more prestigious to set our sights on that prize than any other.

We have successfully reached the precipice of our goal, ladies and gentlemen. Let us bask in the moment and prepare for the coming hurdle. For us, that means getting hyped for tomorrow’s game.

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