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The Quick Turnaround or Is ULM A Trap Game?

For all our problems, we can take comfort in the fact that we aren’t ULM. Right guys? Sitting at the bottom of the conference at 1-13 in Sunbelt play, the Warhawks are seemingly easy prey.

That is what scares me.

Coming off a complete ass-handing from West leaders Denver, ULM will either get beastly or give up. I’m hopeful of the latter given this gem of a quote:

“Everybody shoots 50 percent against us,” Louisiana- Monroe coach Keith Richard said.

If that doesn’t sound like a beaten man then I don’t know my beaten men. Wait what?

Really though. If we didn’t go through that Bad Time I would be declaring this a BEATEMDOWN game. As is, I can’t and nor should you.  If such a beating were to occur it would be sweet but we should really be looking for a solid game in all aspects.

Now that I think about it, it would be pretty sweet for our guys to get some rest and a 30 point win would do just the trick.

Game is at 7:30 at the Super Pit.

[Denver Post]

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