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Take On Me and FAU Ends the 17 game Home Streak

As we left the Pit tonight some dude was humming along to the arena music. Then he started singing along with it, “Saaake on meee.”

That pretty much summed up the night for me. That guy, like the team, was close but not quite close enough.

I made the comment on the twitters that North Texas would turn the ball over then allow FAU to fast break the other way, or miss and allow a fast break or make poor basketball plays, then allow a fast break.

It happened even down thirteen with a minute left. Their little point guard, Taylor, got the ball, turned and split two defenders to get a layup.

They were playing our game. Well, our game when we were atop the Sunbelt. As of today, we have lost everything.

Okay. That may be somewhat of an exaggeration. It reminds me of what some pundit opined about the Michigan State situation: “Sometimes with seniors you get a team that takes success for granted.”

Hurm. We have a senior-laden team coming off the best year in team history. They have been lauded with praise all year. They have underwhelmed.



Johnny Jones was interesting on the post-game show tonight. When talking about the attendance and how much credit they should get for braving the snow and ice he said something like “Well we’ve given them enough reason to come out. ” He went on to slightly mitigate those comments.

I totally agree with him, though. Seventeen straight home wins deserves some doubt-benefit.

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