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North Texas Kicks Off Conference Play With Win Over UALR

For whatever reason UALR has the ugliest uniforms thus far in the season. Not only did the grey-on-purple look whack, but they were wearing ill-fitting digs that reminded me of the 1999 NY Knicks. Some (The Woman) say they looked like they came straight out of 1993, complete with the dude rocking a flat top.

Whatever. UNT handled their business like they were supposed to. If Arkansas-Little Rock is truly the second best in this division, North Texas need not worry very much.

NT played some solid basketball out there and was the better team, plain and simple. The offense looked crisp even in the half-court, getting Ben Knox some easy punches on a few occasions. If you don’t know, that is amazing because I am not sure Knoxy can score any other way beside a put back or something. That isn’t hating on the guy by the way. I’ve frequently said that a big guy that can finish inside is all you can reasonably ask for.

Speaking of all you can ask for: blowing out a conference opponent is impressive no matter what. They see you twice a year, every year so you can’t spring any surprises. It is something — not everything — but something nonetheless.

Give our guys a hand.

Next up: ULL at the Pit on Saturday the 1st of January.

[Box Score– Espn]

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