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MTSU 24 NT 0 Halftime

It is a cold and dreary day. That just makes it all worse. Even here in San Antonio, MGN HQ, fall has made an appearance. I’m sitting and writing this wrapped in my finest fall/winter gear watching on a tiny screen. I am not happy with what I am seeing. As good as the game… Read more »

UNT 6 ULL 13 Halftime

So the thing about opportunities is that they are not infinite in supply. There were two chances to capitalize in the Red Zone – an area where we have not been successful. The result? Two field goals. Mix in that blown assignment that made Terrance Broadway look like RG3? Well you have our score. If… Read more »

North Texas 14 Houston 31 Halftime

Well Houston looked even better than they did last year in Denton when they had Casey Keenum. Lining up quickly executing perfectly, Houston jumped out to a 17-0 score while North Texas was looking very much like they have been the last few weeks. That is to say, without a whole lot of excitement in… Read more »

North Texas 10 FAU 0 Halftime

Coming into this game there was an air of disappointment. Sure, everyone was saying the right things after the loss to Troy but that didn’t lift the fog. Florida Atlantic seemed like the perfect rebound game from a tough loss. What do ya know? They are. Derek Thompson still looks a little shaky, like his… Read more »

North Texas 7 Troy 7 Halftime 9.22.12

So that vaunted passing attack eh? Not that great.  Well at least that was the case for the majority of the first half.  It wasn’t until late in the second quarter that Troy was able to move the ball at all let arough through the air. It was mostly via underneath passes against soft coverage… Read more »

Surviving Without Holmen

This is such a weird year. 2010-2011 is the Year of the Injury in basketball and, most memorably, in football. That is right folks! I am hinting at more bad news! Holmen is out for the season with a broken hand! I hate to say this, but you have to wonder if this just isn’t… Read more »

WKU — Dribbles at the Diddle at the half

After fighting back to within five points the good guys scored only two more points for the last 3:51 and allowed 12 to WKU. What the hell happened?  Well, that zone they put on us was working. It wasn’t particularly stifling nor was it very aggressive. Perhaps it’s passiveness influenced our own passiveness? Save for one… Read more »