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Surviving Without Holmen

This is such a weird year. 2010-2011 is the Year of the Injury in basketball and, most memorably, in football.

That is right folks! I am hinting at more bad news! Holmen is out for the season with a broken hand!

I hate to say this, but you have to wonder if this just isn’t UNT’s year. This team has gone through a lot this year, and not much of it has been good. The injuries to key guys have really tested this team’s depth, and it didn’t have a whole lot of depth in the first place.
Holmen had scored in double figures in three of UNT’s last six games.

I feel ya, bro. With that news it is time to readjust our expectations. This is clearly not the juggernaut that we hoped it would be. Instead it is comprised of seniors gutting out a respectable season in light of a more-difficult-than-first-thought circumstances. I can root for that and so should you.

Sadly, not only was Holmen making an impact recently, he was also The Woman’s impact player.

So we head to The Den to deal with a team that is surging and atop the Sunbelt West. Last we played each other, we handed them a loss at the Pit by twenty. It was the second of two road beat downs. Denver applied the first. That was January 20 and 22nd.

February 5th, Arkansas State handed Denver a little revenge to the tune of twenty fiveArkansas State fans are already looking passed us.

After what they did to us in Denton, I’ll be stunned if we don’t beat them at ASU–perhaps comfortably.

Arkansas State is sure to have a rowdy crowd thanks to this generic piece of sportswriting. (Seriously? What the Howl??)

Any way. The Good Guys have their work cut out for them if they are to do something magical. No doubt it is time for we fans to not treat it as an expected magic show but as a truly impressive feat if it were to happen.

That sounds kind of weird when I read it.

Let me try again: Quit bitching. Get behind the team.

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