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UNT 6 ULL 13 Halftime

So the thing about opportunities is that they are not infinite in supply. There were two chances to capitalize in the Red Zone – an area where we have not been successful. The result? Two field goals. Mix in that blown assignment that made Terrance Broadway look like RG3? Well you have our score.

If you are new to UNT football then you might not know that we are not very good at passing the ball. We continued this trend in the first half. The running game looked solid, consistently gaining 3-5 yards on first down. The trouble came when trying to turn that good start into first downs, especially in the first quarter. It was in the second period that we had two deep penetrations (giggle) into Rajin Cajun territory.

The good news: we can defend this team. That 75-yard scamper was a blown assignment and not a dominant drive. The other touchdown (and missed extra point) was after a 3rd and 16 conversion. I am not so biased as to not recognize that as a terrible mistake, but I am optimistic enough to appreciate the fact that we got them into that spot.

Also good? We can run against this team. The second half will be about scoring touchdowns and getting stops. Both are very possible but at this point seem like wishful thinking.


Go Mean Green.


Also of note: Students showed up. Packed house. Awesome.

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