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MTSU 24 NT 0 Halftime

It is a cold and dreary day. That just makes it all worse. Even here in San Antonio, MGN HQ, fall has made an appearance. I’m sitting and writing this wrapped in my finest fall/winter gear watching on a tiny screen.

I am not happy with what I am seeing. As good as the game was against ULL is as bad as it has been vs MTSU. Derek Thompson looks more inaccurate and the running game, our only hope, has managed just one good drive. We could live with this scenario if it weren’t for the defense giving up four 50+ yard plays.

There have been signs of this throughout the year but the Mean Green has done well to keep those big plays to one or two a game. Forgive me for saying that the guys have done a decent enough job on defense. The blown coverage on the play-action was bad, and so was the missed-tackle on the slant to Griswold.

They aren’t getting gashed though. That is the big thing. Stops have been made. I have every reason to think that we can get five straight 3-and-outs like we did against the Rajin’ Cajuns. The big question, as always, is if the offense can produce three straight touchdowns like they did that Tuesday night.

We scored 24 points in the second half a week and four days ago. We need to do at least that if we want to have a chance in this one.


Go Mean Green.

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