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Good Guys – 19, Arkansas State – 24

The big recap will come tomorrow. For now, here are some quick points: Our offense looked like we had a fourth stringer running it.  Chase Baine kept us in the game with his running ability. Our line was not there — again. That was the most mountainous five point deficit ever.  I’m glad we came… Read more »

MTSU v Troy 10.5.10

Horrible game. Dwight Dasher’s return was supposed to ignite the team and especially the offense. That did not happen. What we saw instead was Troy slowly putting a slow squeeze on the poor Middle Tennessee offense in route to a dominating effort. Throughout the game I felt Troy was not as impressive so much as… Read more »

Arkansas State Preview 10.19.10

I won’t bore you with stats that you don’t care about nor with fun facts that aren’t so fun. Arkansas State isn’t very good. They come in to Denton with four losses, the most recent being the hurting Louisville put on them in Jonesboro. Sure, 34-24 doesn’t look like a beat-down, but the first half… Read more »

North Texas vs Ragin’ Cajuns 10.2.10

I called it. I don’t know if I should be proud of that, though. In the seconds before North Texas lined up for what should have been the game-tying-point-after, I turned to my wife–who was shivering in the breeze of the young fall night–and said, “Ah, please don’t miss this.” Back when Aaron Brooks was… Read more »

Men’s Basketball 2010-11 Season Tix on Sale

Go to Meangreensports.com to get your tix. Just taking a quick little look-see at the home schedule I already see a couple of games I am looking forward to attending: November 16 v Texas Tech Even though UNT made the Tourney last season via the Sun Belt Tournament, it is always good to pick up wins… Read more »

MGN Take on the 2010 Season

There is significantly less buzz going into this year. Despite the new options for following the school now, I really haven’t wanted to. I won’t pretend to speak for you. I know that even though we have videos like this filled with awkward, boring interview questions and answers, and blogs like this one with half-assed… Read more »

UTSA vs UNT — Recruiting Angle

There has been some concern that UTSA may overtake UNT in the race for college supremacy.  The angst is building at every new hint of a rumor about the RoadRunners adding a new player, or coach, or game. Although think it is sensible to look at UTSA as a potential threat to UNT, it is… Read more »

Update on the Mean Green and Conference Re-alignment talk

Inside North Texas:  What the shit, man? It looks like a ghost town in here. Eagletalk.net: Letting us know what’s up with chicks and the Square. GoMeanGreen: Howling about Obama and updates on other conferences. Speaking of conference realignment: I once wrote at length on the subject back when I was bored and not disillusioned…. Read more »

May Self-Exam

The previews are trickling in. I usually don’t try to read too many of them because, well, they don’t know much. So I’ll try not to do the same here, for the exact same reason. The situation facing us: We have an unproven quarterback, with a mildly (if that) successful offensive coordinator and a coach… Read more »