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May Self-Exam

The previews are trickling in. I usually don’t try to read too many of them because, well, they don’t know much. So I’ll try not to do the same here, for the exact same reason.

The situation facing us:

We have an unproven quarterback, with a mildly (if that) successful offensive coordinator and a coach on the hottest of seats. Recent years have given us many embarrassing losses and a renewed sense of inferiority. Add to this the reality that the Jones’ (June and SMOO) are getting better, and the Froggies went to a prestigious bowl game last year.

Comparatively, we suck even more.

The bright side:

We have an awesome returning running back. He tore it up last year. PapaDodge will be delegating responsibilities and that means that he has a little more time to manage the game. The young up-coming receivers have a year under their belt and Tyler Stratford will get to show what made Oklahoma recruit him. 


Canales sucks. Dodge will find a way to eff it up. He will lose the team after Clemson drops 50 on us to open the year. Dunbar? Well we had the same hype (and disappointment) in 2005 when Cobbs and Jamario were coming off of consecutive awesome seasons.

Which is right?

I dunno. Right now I’m feeling a little more like the skeptic than Mr. Brightside, so take that for what it is worth.

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