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MGN Take on the 2010 Season

There is significantly less buzz going into this year.

Despite the new options for following the school now, I really haven’t wanted to.

I won’t pretend to speak for you. I know that even though we have videos like this filled with awkward, boring interview questions and answers, and blogs like this one with half-assed writing I don’t feel the buzz.


I said last year that it was the make-or-break year for Dodge-y and the team. It was his team, with his players and system, complete with his own son at the helm. This year’s squad is slightly more talented, experienced, and (perhaps) better coached. Maybe. However …

1. I don’t buy Canales as awesome.

Seriously. Go and read that. I made some good ass points.

2. The Quarterback situation.

What does it matter? Well in modern college football the quarterback is the offense. Tune, for all his grit and determination and walk-onness and whatever is still pretty average by quarterback standards. Maybe he was hiding awesome ability until his senior season or whatever. I hope so. The guys behind him? Uh. You couldn’t beat out Tune?

The thing about the spread is this: it is way easier to pick up than older offenses. It requires one or two reads at most and a lot less footwork compared to say, the West Coast Offense. This is why I am unimpressed by the experience factor.


I am not saying it is wrong or right to start Tune. I am saying that I am not excited about it.

3. The Defense.

Ugh. It has been the weak link for years now. I don’t know that we are going to improve enough where we can rely on them to not allow record points like they have the last few seasons.

So what is going to happen?

Despite this being a weird lame-duck season for Papa Dodge, I think we are going to win a few games. 3-4 is my call. The experience factor, combined with Papa not having to spend the whole game trying to figure out which wide receiver screen pass he is going to call and focus on game management  will allow us to squeak out a win or two that we didn’t get last year. Dodge gets canned. We hire a no-name. We get excited about the new stadium opening and forget that the team still isn’t close to good.


I need a beer.

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