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Arkansas State Preview 10.19.10

I won’t bore you with stats that you don’t care about nor with fun facts that aren’t so fun.

Arkansas State isn’t very good. They come in to Denton with four losses, the most recent being the hurting Louisville put on them in Jonesboro. Sure, 34-24 doesn’t look like a beat-down, but the first half was. Methinks that second half Louisville took their foot off the gas. I know, I watched part of this horrible game on espn3.

Make no mistake, however, they aren’t very bad either. Despite the fan-base grumbling and becoming frustrated, Arkansas State has played decently. They went to Troy and made the perennial conference favorites rally 35-28. Louisiana-Lafayette beat them by only seven also.

All in all they are not so dissimilar to UNT. They spread it out, (but who doesn’t now-a-days) and have a nice balance to their playcalling. The Red Wolves have thus far both ran it and thrown it185 times for a total yards per play of 5.8 and 26 points a game.

Methinks it is their defense that has the biggest holes. Unfortunately, our offense has taken the biggest hit on the injury front. So, although it is possible the ideal spot for Chase Baine to come in play — not facing an Alabama type defense or something– but it might require the also-shorthanded defense to play above their average.

In any case, it remains a chance to contend for the Sunbelt title, however unlikely that goal is. Sitting at 1-1 in conference play is alright.

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