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UTSA vs UNT — Recruiting Angle

There has been some concern that UTSA may overtake UNT in the race for college supremacy.  The angst is building at every new hint of a rumor about the RoadRunners adding a new player, or coach, or game.

Although think it is sensible to look at UTSA as a potential threat to UNT, it is equally sensible to not freak out about it.

I take a more middle-ground stance about UTSA. Sure, San Antonio has advantages, but so does Denton. When you are talking to a recruit — he likely isn’t excited by visits to the Alamo and Sea World. Denton’s mini-Austin like feel? Yeah. Dallas’ douchebag bars ? Yep. More chicks? Yes.

Fans have been looking at all the teams scheduled to play in the Alamodome: Teams like Houston, Arizona State, Arizona, Baylor, and Kansas St and wondering why we can’t get those guys in there.

Without knowing anything about UTSA’s scheduling process, I’d wager the schools that are lined up to visit are either a) planning on backing out or b ) looking to showcase their program to San Antonio high schoolers.

Why would a team want to come to a crappy stadium like Fouts? If you have to schedule a road game against a crappy team, you might as well schedule one in a decent stadium.

The good news is that we will have a bad-ass stadium with which to woo in the very very near future. Take heart, freaked out NT fan, 2011 is almost here.

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