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NT 81 FAU 86: Blowing 19-point Leads Edition

I’ll take the heat for this one guys. Right around an hour before the clocked ticked down to double-zeros on a FAU 19-point comeback, double-OT win I tweeted that UNT had this thing locked up. Although Johnny Jones thinks at that point the squad could have converted some opportunities and pushed it out to 30… Read more »

Jan 28th: North Texas is 13-9, 6-3

After that revenge win against the Red Wolves, neé Indians, we are 9-2 at home going into the biggest game of the season. Middle Tennessee is in the middle of a perfect campaign in the Sun Belt Conference. It is a great time to face them. Tony Mitchell is in excellent form (to steal a… Read more »

North Texas 78 South Alabama 73

I don’ t know why I feel like I have a personal rivalry with USA. I found myself looking forward to watching this game as I left the parking lot this evening. I was about to tweet something when I asked myself, “why?” The answer? Dunno. That still escapes me. I only saw the first… Read more »

UALR Wins Again

I missed this one too. It’s a bad habit I’ve been developing and I mean to stop it dead. I gathered what I could from this thread, Vito’s blog , and Mean Green Premium to say this: 1. We need a better fucking stream on MGP, dammit. 2. This loss was a bad one. 3. Chris… Read more »

North Texas 53 Sam Houston 50

Katfans dot com or dot org or whatever are a hearty little band of shit-talkers. A part of me, I do not know which, respects them. Another part, the evil, spiteful, arrogant bastard that reduces the amount of a tip when I get poor or spiteful service, wants bad things to happen to their sports… Read more »