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UALR Wins Again

I missed this one too. It’s a bad habit I’ve been developing and I mean to stop it dead. I gathered what I could from this thread, Vito’s blog , and Mean Green Premium to say this:

1. We need a better fucking stream on MGP, dammit.

2. This loss was a bad one.

3. Chris Jones is probably performing to Johnny Jones’ expectations but lower than mine (given his previous performances)

It was telling that the scout Bret Vito was chatting with (my imagination runs wild constructing the details of that encounter) said that Chris Jones’ turnovers were a problem.

“That’s all I need to know.”

I read that and felt a gut-punch. It was a signal that I’ve been watching with Kelly Green-colored glasses. He hasn’t been great but is making freshman mistakes. Methinks I’ve been overlooking those things or just excusing them. That said, he still is our leading scorer. Why? Well, mostly because the big time future NBA-er is fouling everyone.

He only put up three shots last night (made two) thanks to foul trouble. In the five games he has played, he has fouled out twice and reached four twice also. It is difficult to lead a program to new heights from the bench or while hacking people.

I want to knee-jerk and start heaving blame at Johnny Jones for not making it work and producing results immediately. I can’t think of a reasonable argument to make, though. Everyone that gets major minutes either is new or isn’t a leader-type anyway.

They need time. Still. It has only been 14 games for these guys and only 5 with Tony Mitchell. Splitting that total is damn-near as reasonable as it is going to get. The young-un’s are inconsistant as young players tend to be.

Please help me remember that.

Maybe I’ll chant it or something.

As it is we are 0-1 at home in the conference. We have fifteen more games and seven more home dates. It may be more Unreasonable Fan talking, but I think we can do better than 8-7 in that stretch.


Go Mean Green.


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