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Tony Benford: Compared

Dagga Roosta broke down some numbers (as he did for Texas’ Charlie Strong hire) for UT’s basketball search. It is good work. Let’s piggy back off of it to see where our guys land.


BBcoaches Tony Benford and Johnny Jones compared, since 2006

As we know, Johnny Jones ever-so-steadily increased the talent level here, culminating in the Tony Mitchell-Chris Jones-Jordan Williams class of his final year.  The ‘T’ column tracks talent1 and the ‘C’ tracks coaching. We see what Tony Benford did with that talent in 2012-2013: 12-20, with a 56.53 Coaching x Talent rating. Perhaps surprisingly, Johnny Jones didn’t do that much with his talent. He underperformed relative to the talent level he brought in. His strength lies in bringing in the talent and getting about what you’d expect from them. Other coaches do more with less, relying on their coaching ability than their sweet talking on the recruiting trail. I mean, not everyone can be Coach Cal. It looks like our head man Benford is doing less with decreasingly less. He’s brought in lower rated talent than Johnny ever did and isn’t really making up for it by coaching them up any.

Again, this pretty much squares with what we’ve seen at the Super Pit.

I encourage you to check out the rest of it. Here is the link to the entire work.

  1. Check out Daaga’s explanation for more on this. Essentially, it is the 247 Sports ratings of the recruits pulled in. Although these aren’t necessarily hard facts, they represent the best idea of talent we can measure. 

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