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NT 81 FAU 86: Blowing 19-point Leads Edition

I’ll take the heat for this one guys. Right around an hour before the clocked ticked down to double-zeros on a FAU 19-point comeback, double-OT win I tweeted that UNT had this thing locked up.

Although Johnny Jones thinks at that point the squad could have converted some opportunities and pushed it out to 30 points, we all know what he really means.

Seriously, though. I spent the day at various times looking over the Sun Belt standings, planning my rooting schedule (I was torn between rooting for MTSU and UALR). Although I did know that my projected seedings were dependent on North Texas winning out, I must admit I was feeling confident.

How am I feeling now? Well like I shouldn’t have felt so damn confident. It was hard not to, with the way the dudes were dominating the game and one Tony Mitchell balling so hard. I think everyone is coming away from this with a similar nasty taste in their mouths.

We can’t blame this loss one Tony getting into foul trouble or missed shots. No, everything was going green until FAU got hot and we didn’t convert. Johnny Jones called it a trend that he means to correct. No doubt the message board is looking at CJ and JW as culprits (haven’t checked).

This is just an ugly loss in a league where ugly losses are common. Hell, you can even call it unlucky. Holmen, who had a monster game, missed two potential game-winners in regulation, and then in overtime.

Chalk this one up to bad luck.

Chalk this one up to me calling it like a dumbass.

I’ll chalk it up to the bad juju FAU put on us by not offering some way to watch this game. I know they are FAU and thus, terrible. Still, can’t I guy get a terrible web-stream? What is this, the Southland Conference?!

I also want to blame Time Warner Cable for cutting out on me (again) and Whitney Houston for distracting me during the crucial 19-point-lead giveaway.

Effing Eff.

Next Up: ULM, who are terrible. It’s like knowing you aren’t going to be allowed in post-season play means you don’t even give a damn. Or maybe being located in Monroe, LA is what does that. Who knows? All I know is that the specter of shame that would come from losing to that horrid team should propel the squad to a nice victory, with or without a Tony Mitchell Box Score Special.

Again, we are just looking to play some good basketball in this month leading up to the conference tournament. It’d be nice if we could skip the first day of tournament basketball so as not to have a situation like this, where Roger Franklin is missing the front ends of FT trips because his legs feel like Jello.

If not? Well remember that Josh White and Tristan led the squad to within a Bozeman-clutch-shot-over-Shannon-Shorter of a Sun Belt championship.

The regular season is a glorified conference tournament preparatory tour at this level. You’ll see when MTSU drops their first game. All that matters is that damn tournament and we have the only NBA-level talent, yo.


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