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Link: Heart of Dallas Bowl A Loser for City of Dallas

(The great) Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Morning News: Before spring break, the Dallas City Council was asked to OK giving ESPN $800,000 to pass along to college football teams to play in a bowl game that will be attended by tens of spectators. OK, OK. That’s not fair. According to official numbers I got… Read more »

2016 Heart of Dallas Bowl Preview

Surprise is important in football. One of the reasons #WakeyLeaks was effective was because the guy leaked trick plays and formations that were only used in preparation, but not in games. Teams usually only meet once per season and the slightest edge gained by surprise can turn a game. North Texas is in a relatively… Read more »

Littrell on the Little Ticket

Seth Littrell joined Robert Wilonksy and David Moore on the ticket this afternoon. He touched on the transition of a new coach, praised the team for buying in. He credited his own experience with Bob Stoops in 1999 for giving him some insight into the thought process of a player and a completely new system… Read more »

Early Line v Army: NT 9.5 point Underdogs

North Texas is going to face Army as underdogs again. In October, the spread was 17 or so, and NT used seven Army turnovers, a slick field, and some luck to win going away. Vegas Insider has the spread at about 9. Army has struggled a bit since their 3-0 start, but they are still… Read more »

How Did HOD Bowl Get UNT?

MTSU Beat writer Aldo Amato was trying to figure how the Blue Raiders got to Hawaii. Someone asked him how NT got matched up with Army in the HOD Bowl. Here is his answer: Official word on that: #UNT was able to pick based on APR. Army picked HOD first, UNT second. LaTech ended up… Read more »