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How Did HOD Bowl Get UNT?

MTSU Beat writer Aldo Amato was trying to figure how the Blue Raiders got to Hawaii. Someone asked him how NT got matched up with Army in the HOD Bowl.

Here is his answer:

Official word on that: #UNT was able to pick based on APR. Army picked HOD first, UNT second. LaTech ended up in Fort Worth via trade. Aldo Amato

Interesting. No one said bowl selections were fair or anything. Bowls have their origins in unofficial exhibition games designed to make money for the organizers. North Texas was able to build on previous relationships to put everyone in a fun spot.

Louisiana Tech v Navy is more intriguing and despite what the minority of fans are saying, Army v NT has a nice little story line. Army wants revenge for the 7-TO game, and NT wants to impress in front of the home crowd, after disappointing in UTEP.

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