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2016 Spring Game

I promised a podcast. That kind of fell through because of a scheduling snafu. So I owe you some Spring Game thoughts. When there is a long gap between News Events, the last News Event gets over-analyzed and relatively minor or unimportant things become Big Important Story Lines. In our case, we have Quinn Shanbour,… Read more »

Some AirRaid Links

I have always liked the Air Raid offense, mostly because it was so radical in a time when the football I watched was so homogenous. NFL football was all the same basically. College football was a little more diverse, with occasional option attacks existing here and there. I was tickled by an all-passing squad 1…. Read more »

2016 North Texas Football Schedule Early Thoughts

The 2016 #MeanGreen schedule is out. The @SethLittrell era begins on Sept. 3 against the Ponies at Apogee. #GMGpic.twitter.com/OMRFiQpoPR — MeanGreenFootball (@MeanGreenFB) February 4, 2016     Thoughts: Glad there is no bye week in week one. Although we already knew this, its still nice to see. The bye week is conveniently located in the… Read more »

Reviewing Speculation About Signing Day 2016

We are nearing National Signing Day. North Texas has had quite the busy two months since hiring highly touted Seth Littrell as the 19th Head Coach in school history (full and interim combined. I speculated about what his initial class would look like come Feb 3rd and it is time to compare speculation with (about… Read more »

The Power of Littrell

We stole a recruit! Sort of. Earlier in the day crack beat reporter Brett Vito reported dual-threat QB Keenen Johnson had flipped from Tulsa to UNT. Instead of a full flip, he is deciding between the two schools. We’ll call that a win, considering the terrible season we just finished with. I like to think… Read more »