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Brett McMurphy: Seth Littrell Out of K-State Running

Put away your pitchforks — unless you have bales of hay to move — and let us resume normal complaining. Seth Littrell has withdrawn his name from contention according to Watch Stadium reporter McMurphy. It is unclear how involved and how deep he was in talks with the KSU brass. The reason for withdrawing his name from contention is also unclear.


Apparently, he wanted to bring his entire staff (reasonable) with him, and wanted some language in the buyout that would let him leave for his alma mater. We wrote previously that the only job that I could see him jumping at with little or no thought would be the one in Norman. He played — and won a title — at Oklahoma, just as his father did. If the Crimson and Cream were to call, Littrell would come runnin’.

end update

Was he simply not offered enough? Did he talk with his family and decide that he sure loves him some “strategically located” Argyle, Texas? Did he re-watch The Wizard of Oz and conclude he would rather stay in Oz than go to Kansas?

We may find out more of this later, in the same way we found out the details of choosing Littrell over Meacham way back when.

For now, there is a bowl game to think about and a ranked team to prepare for. Seth Littrell has been photographed with recruits as December Signing Day approaches. Through all this he at least has been doing his job, which is all anyone can ask.

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