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Have A Drink And A Smirk 9.19.17

College Football is supposed to be fun. I mean, It is important to remember that this doesn’t matter in the way that food, survival, safety, protection from state violence do. Yes, there are folks whose livelihood is affected by the outcomes of these games, and that is an unfortunate side effect for devoting your life… Read more »

North Texas 59 Lamar 14

In the tailgates and preparation for the game that I felt North Texas could get 60 in this one based on a couple of things: Lamar’s situation, and the talent disparity, and my belief in the quality of this team. I rambled this point on the podcast so let me clarify it a bit here:… Read more »

2017 Coaches Caravan: San Antonio

I said I would be there and I kept my word. I felt like I was looking super fly but I will reserve final judgement until I see the official photos. The other stops in the caravan were more well-attended than this one, and it seems the information passed along was robust and straight-forward. All… Read more »

Coaches Caravan: San Antonio

This Thursday May 18th the Coaches Caravan will make its final stop in San Antonio. All of the stories that have been passed my way are interesting suggest that meeting the coaches is rewarding as they are candid, funny, and interesting. If you are in the area, you should attend. I will be there, looking… Read more »

Have A Drink And A Smirk: 3.3.17

Future News, Sushi Edition: Rhett Bito, Food Writer DRC: “Talk about this chef, he’s pretty good right?” RV, Sushi Entrepreneur: “When I decided — of my own accord — to retire from Athletics, I had a list made up of the best young sushi chefs in the country. And boy you look at this guy… Read more »

Tre’von Bradley and Recruiting Competition

Part of the game in recruiting desirable athletes is that there will be competition for their participation. This week, Tre’von Bradley visited Houston and there was a discussion about it. Houston has a demonstrated history of winning in the near recent past, a good vibe, and something resembling continuity with Major Applewhite. The city of… Read more »

Baylor Football: 52 Rapes in Four Years

A lawsuit alleges that Baylor football players committed 52 rapes in four years’s time. From Deadspin: Baylor football players committed 52 rapes in four years, the majority at off-campus parties hosted by football players, including five gang rapes; the university paid off one woman who said she was raped by giving her free tuition; and… Read more »

The McCaffrey/Fournette Thing

Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette are going to sit out some otherwise unimportant bowl games and prepare for the draft. For them, it is absolutely the right decision. While some people believe in the beauty of competition and the simple, pure sporting merit of collegiate athletics; those ideas are largely myths. At best, college football… Read more »