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Zachary Simmons Is Good

  Previously, I linked to some of the good stuff Zach did against Tech. I wanted to discuss something else he did against UTEP last night. This play is not particular special in that it does not have some outstanding display of other-worldly athleticism like any Zion Williamson highlight. This is instead just good post play…. Read more »

MGN Film Room: Mason Fine to Jaelon Darden

Mason Fine did not throw for 400 yards against Arkansas, nor did he complete 70% passing but he did have a nice passing game. One of the key questions coming into this season was whether or not the offensive line could keep Fine upright. At the end of last season, Fine was sacked 19 times… Read more »

MGN Film Room: SMU

North Texas takes on Iowa in Iowa City this afternoon. After a week where NT helped elevate Courtland Sutton into Hype Mode, the excitement is waning in the Nation. There were real and true good things in the loss. To better gather the crowd and offer some gritos of encouragement on this 16th, let us… Read more »

MGN Film Room: Lamar

It is that time of week where we would discuss particularly interesting plays or formations from our guys. Much of the film shows NT did not really change much of their offense. A lot of it was simply good execution against an overmatched opponent. The highlight reel will suffice for our purposes. We will not… Read more »

What If Screenshot of The Game: UTSA 10.29.16

Playing What If is a dangerous game. Let us call this film study instead. Look at this play. If Fine puts this on Wilson instead of overthrowing him for an INT, he has two blocks and gets at least 10 yards. With Jeff’s talent for escaping tackles, he might even get six. Mason Fine will… Read more »

Jeffrey Wilson vs Army: Examples of Success

Earlier in the preseason, we took a look at 2015 Jeff Wilson to try and be excited at 2016 Jeff Wilson. Boy has he delivered or what? Wilson is sitting at 724 yards on 108 carries, and 12 rushing touchdowns. This includes a combined 50 yards against Florida and MTSU. In North Texas’ 4 wins,… Read more »