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Spring Game 2012 From Afar

I watched some of the spring game today. You see, instead of making the trip up to Denton this weekend, I spent my money and time at the Oyster Bake eating and drinking and laughing. A good time was had here. From all accounts, a good time was had at Apogee, as well.

The Green Team, comprised of the first and third stringers dominated the White, comprised of second and fourth stringers 41-20. Oh yeah, the white team was spotted that 20 points to start.

So the offense either looks good or the defensive depth –especially the secondary– looks terrible. Probably a combination of both, yeah?

It is ridiculous to read too much out of this. Sprig Games often do not foreshadow season play. This one did give us more confirmation of the obvious: we have little depth, and a shaky secondary. Derek Thompson shredded the defense , throwing two scores on 162 yards with just six passes. Antonine Jimmerson looked shifty as he made easy work of the interior defense of the backups.

What does that mean?

It means that the offense that began clicking last season still looks potent and that Lance Dunbar graduating won’t be a terrible loss. It means that the fans went home with a show. It means that there will be plenty of optimism after seeing the skill guys score.

So it was a win in front of 3000+(?).

That’s right. As far as I can tell, there was no official attendance released. Attendees report that it was a good crowd on a nice day.

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