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North Texas Spring Game 2018

There were many changes in North Texas’ 2018 spring game. Most importantly, we couldn’t call it the Green & White game since the offense was wearing white, and the defense was wearing black. Additionally, there was a feeling of hope upon a foundation that has been built over the past two seasons. We were no… Read more »

Spring Practice 2018

The football team began Spring practice only because technically they are the Spring semester. We are still in winter until March 20th. The Spring game, now moved to the 24th of March — a Saturday — is rightly named. However, for the plants, Spring has started in some parts of Texas already. The nature of… Read more »

NT Spring Game 2017

Saturday April 8th, the North Texas Mean Green lined up for the final scrimmage of spring practice. The team has been recovering, (from injuries – Fine, Wilson) reloading (Nic Smith, Pearson, Guyton), and adjusting (all those new coaches). Once more we are afforded the opportunity to overreact to a scrimmage months away from the real… Read more »

Some AirRaid Links

I have always liked the Air Raid offense, mostly because it was so radical in a time when the football I watched was so homogenous. NFL football was all the same basically. College football was a little more diverse, with occasional option attacks existing here and there. I was tickled by an all-passing squad 1…. Read more »

Coach ‘Em Up

This is all kinds of wonderful. While I suspect that some fans get a kick out of coaches reprimanding their players out of some misbegotten vicarious living of a power trip, I appreciate a guy who knows what he is doing and trying his best to 1. impart that knowledge to other people, and 2…. Read more »

Spring Ahead….

It’s never too early to gaze into our crystal ball and look at what UNT has coming back next year. We are going to focus on only players who will be on campus for spring practice. So let’s take a look at how we would rate each unit in terms of depth and talent going… Read more »

Spring Game 2012 From Afar

I watched some of the spring game today. You see, instead of making the trip up to Denton this weekend, I spent my money and time at the Oyster Bake eating and drinking and laughing. A good time was had here. From all accounts, a good time was had at Apogee, as well. The Green… Read more »