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Shane Story: North Texas 72 – UTSA 71

The UTSA pep band helped North Texas win this game. Hear me out: To begin with, the band picked on Shane Temara in the first half, with their “Shane sucks” chant. It is an old college basketball fan game where the band/student section picks on a player all game for no particular reason. It was… Read more »

Big Win In El Paso

Winning is the thing. Given the nature of the thing — seemingly the product of fortune and chance — the search for controllable elements not solely controlled by the whims of fate goes on. This is why you hear coaches spout clichés on “controlling what we can control”. Like all clichés, there is truth in… Read more »

NT 61 UTA 77 – 12.3.16

Jeremy Combs was back and he played like the he is the best player North Texas has. This is good because it is true. Unfortunately, it was not enough to overcome two runs by UT-Arlington in each half. For the game, North Texas shot only 31%. Arlington did not play particularly great defense, but North Texas… Read more »

Rout! UNT 74 – Ark St 50

This has been a nightmare. Injuries, underwhelming performances, questionable coaching, and bad luck have conspired to produce a terrible 7-14 season in the Sun Belt that UNT was tabbed to win outright. There were some rumblings about squeezing into a 10-seed if we we got lucky. Sometime early on SBNation wrote us off. There was… Read more »