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Biagi In For Perry

Tommy Perry left the coaching staff this week. Calling him a fan favorite is a stretch, but he was liked. Like most folks associated with the 2013 season, he had a glow about him from that time. This year the special teams was primarily Eric Keena and his punting / faking ability, but it was also bad snaps and fumbles.

Throughout his time as ST coordinator, there were the same number of questions as there were résumé bullet points. Some of this was outside of his control, and more of a function of depth.

As a running back coach, he presided over the deepest, most productive position group this side of the ball.

Whatever faults he had, he was a net positive coach for the staff, the university, and the program.

“Sometimes change has to come”, Perry said to this blog.

Vito reported the parting of ways as mutual, and I have little interest in finding out what level of true that is.

Meanwhile, Littrell has hired Marty Biagi as its new ST coordinator, who was a finalist for Football Scoop’s ST Coordinator of the Year Award. He spent time in the toxic Notre Dame program for only a season.

Reciting stats is about all the measure of a coordinator that we have, and without a lot of context it is hard to determine how much weight to place on the number of return TDs a kid had.

Here is hoping Biagi is able to replicate some of the more standout numbers — the TDs etc — while also fixing NT’s punt return game.

Changes like this make it easy to speculate about the reason Perry was kept on and the reason he / they decided to part ways. There are really too many scenarios and very little evidence (and very little consequence) to really make it worthwhile. Instead we ill wish Tommy Perry a good rest-of-career and thank him for his time here. It was memorable.

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