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UPDATED: Wait Hold Up Conflicting Reports on Graham Harrell — Originally Reported to Leave by Inside Carolina

At least one coach is leaving. Wait hold it up. Update 7:10pm Inside Carolina deleted the post announcing GH had left and instead has this note indicating it is more tenuous than solid. North Texas says it is “business as usual” until they know otherwise. end update 7:10 Update #NorthTexas OC Graham Harrell is staying… Read more »

Vito: New Seth Littrell Contract

Vito DRC reports that Littrell has a new contract that will keep him here for five more years — well that is the hope, isn’t it? My gut tells me this is — at least partly — about keeping assistants. “This new contract represents an aggressive move to keep coach Littrell, his staff, and their… Read more »

Football Staff Changes – **Updated Again**

SB Nation rightfully points out that the post-signing day shuffle is anti-athlete. As a practical matter, it makes perfect sense for everyone to perform their job for the program and the school and recruit the best guys they can. However, it is naive to think these coaches are selling the kids on the benefits of… Read more »

Biagi In For Perry

Tommy Perry left the coaching staff this week. Calling him a fan favorite is a stretch, but he was liked. Like most folks associated with the 2013 season, he had a glow about him from that time. This year the special teams was primarily Eric Keena and his punting / faking ability, but it was… Read more »

Mike Jinks: Coaching Candidate

Mike Jinks is being discussed heavily after Bret Vito reported he submitted his resume for consideration as the North Texas Head Coach. This is pretty much exactly what he wanted and I cannot blame him. Now that his name is on a list, we have to check him out to see if he is worthy… Read more »

Petrino to Louisville, WKU Promotes Brohm

Kentuckysports.co says Bobby Petrino, who went 8-4 this season as WKU’s head man, is headed to where he made his name before bolting to Atlanta — Louisville. In his place will be Jeff Brohm the OC, and one time Cardinal QB. Put me in the unsurprised-and-disappointed category. Having a big name in the conference was… Read more »