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We Must Be Old Because Todd Dodge and Riley Dodge Are Coaching Against Each Other

Yes, former head coach Todd Dodge, a high school coaching legend and a college football head coaching dud, is back to leading his program to a state title game. This time, against his son Riley, one-time best recruit in recruiting services history.

North Texas fans of the Let It Fly Era do not have fond memories of the statistically worst seasons in the program’s history. Dodge was a quirky hire that could have been genius if he would have won like an Art Briles or someone. (It is good that he wasn’t Briles). His teams finished 6-37 in just under four years and he was fired, leading to the first Mike Canales interim time.

Riley Dodge switched his commit from Texas to NT, with the idea that he could continue playing QB here. He briefly switched to receiver, before returning to be the QB in an injury-plagued season. All told, he was not a terrible player. The Let It Fly era was mostly a Let Us Dink-and-Dunk, but those short passes allowed Casey Fitzgerald to own the pass-catching record book until this season.

Many of the records that Seth Littrell’s teams are breaking were set (at some level) by those Dodge teams and players.

Riley transferred to McNeese for the final part of his college time and Todd went back to the high school ranks. It is great to see two guys associated with the university get a little shine. If you have to root for someone consider that both schools are pretty well-to-do and so there is no real underdog here. Both have a history of winning big and often.

Root for Riley, as he was enrolled at little old NT just like you and I.