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Monroe and Bowling

I’m watching the game right now. Instead of watching the game yesterday, I instead watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

That’s right. I didn’t watch the Rangers game either.

With that said, I am intrigued by the possibility of bowling raised on It is damned early to be thinking about bowl projections, and we are just half way through the conference season. Still, with three wins (all at home) and four left to play against a weird Sun Belt schedule, the Mean Green can conceivably put out a 7-5 campaign — something not seen in Denton since 2004. It would also best the entire win total put out by Todd Dodge during his reign.

What are the chances of this happening? Well, I’d like to lay it all out for you with fancy numbers. Problem is that doesn’t matter very much. However fun it is to think about, it really doesn’t matter unless we can get a win in Jonesboro this weekend. As of this writing, we are a healthy 17-point underdog.

Here is the scenario we need. Since the only guaranteed bowl bid is via a conference crown this is how we get there:

  • To do that we need to win out — that will put us at 6-2 with losses against ULL and FIU.
  • We’ll need Ark St to lose one more game after we beat them but not against ULL.
  • We’ll need ULL to lose twice more in three conference games (they play the final one against Arizona)
  • So, we might know if we have a shot after this weekend.
    This saturday have the radio tuned to MGRN and your laptop on esp3 to root for MTSU against the Cajuns.
  • For good measure root for one more FIU loss. We don’t want them running the table and winning on a tie-break either.

The other bowls, and the Little Caesars, are iffy. We might be able to squeeze in the former if we are really impressive these last few games. Methinks if FIU rights the ship they will take precedence.

It has been a while since we’ve done the whole bowling thing. We may just get snubbed this year and you know? That would be an accomplishment.

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