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Down and Out in The Boro: MTSU 41 NT 7

About an hour or so after we finished being toyed with by the Blue Raiders, little ol’ FAU lost to Florida by 6 in overtime. They played how we want our guys to play next year — tough, relatively competent.

North Texas tried to play like last week in Knoxville, but instead of keeping it close they were picked apart. Instead of finding our QB, we shuffled through the three again, with no clear option. Whatever spark Canales brought to the team is long faded away, and the pessimism is the predominant mood.

Our favorite team got destroyed . . . again

Andrew McNulty came in and threw and completed four passes for only 16 yards, which sums up his tenure here. Kudos for completions, but four passes for 16 isn’t moving the offense significantly.

Josh Greer made an appearance also. The good news is that he didn’t throw a pick this time. He did only complete 3/7 for 37 yards. That’s pretty good.

Of course DaMarcus Smith was there, throwing 10/17 for 80 yards and a pick. He ran in a score, which is his forte.

The defense was unable to stop MTSU, as expected. What does this mean? Well it means that we are in desperate need for a coach. Vito did a FIA to get the names of guys who submitted resumes.

Will it be one of them? Will it be one of the people from the Coach Tracker? Whoever it is will have the blankest of slates. Any progress next year will be met with round of applause. It will be basically like 2011 all over again. And that’s the problem isn’t it? This program went backwards.

Its not an unusual thing. College football by its nature, is unstable. Every four years we get a new crop of players. This fall has been different. It looks more like we didn’t fall from greatness, but more that we had a blip of a great season in the midst of a sea of awful bad.

North Texas is a tough job. It can be a great job — any program can be — but it will take a unified effort from the administration, the athletic department, and the coaching staff to make it one. And that means winning. It means the cash to pay these guys, it means scheduling a decent football schedule, it means finding and developing the right players, and it means each player working on their game.

I’m ready for that to be the case. The good news is that up next we have UTEP and they aren’t very good. Maybe we can close this season out with a win.

Go Mean Green

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