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Catching Up

Johnny Jones is happy

If you hadn’t noticed, MGN has been rather silent on matters lately. Just a small little break for personal matters (car accident and parents coming up for Christmas).

So what did I miss? Well, it seems that we went to the Pete Maravich Center for a little combo Johnny Jones — Josh White homecoming and kicked the Tiger’s ass. Did you know we hadn’t beaten an SEC team in ANYTHING up to this point? What the hell?!

So, we are sitting here at 10-2 with a nice win over a name team. Sure, LSU sucks ass this year, and sure no one is really impressed when you look closely. Hell if you don’t know who LSU is though.

I won’t get into a This Is Good For The Program speech, but it means good things. Good things, yo.

Fo sho.

Now then. Tonight we play OK-Panhandle State. Exactly. A WhoInTheHell team. We should rock them by 30. No. Let’s win by 50 and get one of those wins that Big 12(ten) teams get versus these guys.

Is that too much to ask?

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